Roland Kaufmann

Programmer Dvorak

Most keyboard layouts are designed with typing natural text in mind, barely giving the symbols used in programming languages a thought. In fact, most keyboard layouts aren't even good for typing natural text!

Programmer Dvorak is a keyboard layout designed to ease the work of your fingers while typing text, but while programming too... (Read more)


Running a virtual machine directly from a real disk can be advantageous in terms of speed and robustness. Unfortunately this was previously only available for users accounts that were in the Administrators group.

DskACL is a set of utilities that enables you to access the disk outside the filesystem from a normal account... (Read more)


I have an undergraduate siviløkonom degree from the Norwegian school of economics and business administration, NHH, and a cand.scient. engineering degree in computer science from the University of Bergen, graduating with honors from both places.

My thesis in economics are about diffusion of programming languages with a focus of Java in particular. My thesis in computer science is built on work done by Haruo Hosoya et al. regarding compatibility between regular tree types, extending the main algorithm so that only paths actually used in a document repository is considered when upgrading a schema.


I am currently a working junior partner at Machina AS, a software company that develops a 4GL system for digital case processing.

Previously I have been working with creating software for pricing models for electrical power utilities, and spent more than a decade as a junior research software engineer in reservoir modelling.

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